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Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante on erasing racism

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Adoptions Today

Adoption services in the East Bay, highlights information concerning adoption process in California. Weekly feature spotlights individual children needing loving homes.
"Who's Making Money?": current financial landscape and discussion of key wealth development strategies of financially successful individuals.
VJTV: By Forceful Impact Production. VJTV focuses on achievements through music, enter-tainment, business, history and other endeavors.
APEB-TV: AIDS Project of the East Bay.
"Form and Expression": sculpture of the human form. Internationally acclaimed Greek sculptor's life and work.
Produced by East Bay Media Productions and hosted by Alfred O. Parham: issues of personal fulfillment, including learning, training opportunities, scholarships, and careers.
TOS: Television Production class of Oakland School System.
(Poetry Slam at the Oakland Street Academy)

Berkeley's "Funky Nixons", presented by ACTION: music, art, and politics.
For Youth By Youth: Music videos: a show produced by Oakland teenagers for teenagers everywhere

Interviews and presentations exploring employment strategies, news, and events
Variety of SF and East Bay talents and events: includes musicians, artists, poets, philosophers, entrepreneurs
Oakland Castlemont High students create a tv show to educate other teens on perils of drug use, unprotected sex, and teen violence.
Preparing people for 21st century employment: looks at jobs in corporate structures plus entrepreneurial ventures

Music videos from around the world for adults

Urban news programming, geared toward the hip-hop generation
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