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Getting Real
GETTING REAL is a show that the entire family can enjoy.

You will see in-depth interviews with stars of the music/entertainment industry, as well as News and Event Coverage, Documentaries, Career Profiles, and Historical Points of Interest highlighting African-Americans and their accomplishments, and other culturally motivated events. On the lighter side, GETTING REAL also plays the hottest videos, shows the latest fashion trends, and has the best giveaways and promotional events in the "JAY-AREA."

JAY-JAY is one of the Bay Area's newest rising stars. Host of the hottest and most informative new show for teens in the new millennium *Getting Real* JAY-JAY gives it to you straight from the heart. An Oakland native, JAY-JAY showcases her talents at home and abroad by serving you the best in-depth interviews with the music and entertainment industry's hottest new stars, as well as keepin-it-real with news and information. Also a noted vocalist, performer, and teacher of media and communications, JAY-JAY continues to dazzle her audiences through the airwaves, on stage, and in the classroom. Look for JAY-JAY to light up the JAY-AREA on television and in magazines in your area.

As Jay-Jay says,
"Don't touch that dial!"

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Getting Real


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