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Who's Making Money?

William Wesley

Welcome to "Who's Making Money?", a workshop and television pilot program featuring William Wesley.

Introduction to William Wesley:

William is a financial lecturer and sales trainer. Formerly of Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley, William has educated thousands of individuals on the various aspects of investing. William currently sits on the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA Board of Managers where he co-chairs the capital committee. He is a San Francisco public school volunteer and former Human Rights Commissioner.

William created the Stadium Scholarship program which has given thousands in Educational stipends to Oakland public school students during half-time ceremonies at Golden State Warriors basketball games.

William received his B.S. in business from the University of San Francisco, his M.B.A. with honors from Golden Gate University and is currently a law student at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

"Who's Making Money?"© Workshop Overview

The workshop "Who's Making Money?" is also the title and topic of the television pilot hosted by William Wesley. The workshop is a look at the current financial landscape and the effect of key recent events (i.e., 9/11, threat of war) and a discussion of key wealth development strategies being employed by financially successful individuals today.

The premise of the workshop is the fact that throughout history, in good and bad economic times, there have always been those who have made money. "Who's Making Money?" looks at how it's being done today in various venues from the stock and real estate markets to franchising and multi-level marketing.

"Who's Making Money?"©: Credits

This program is a tribute to all of my family and friends who have made me and this program possible. My special thanks to my wife Linda, who helped me find my full life balance; to my children Tye, William, Robert, Eunique and Rachael who constantly inspire me to reach the next level; to my sisters and brothers from which my strength flows; and to my mother and father Ora and the late Bobbie Campbell who taught me not only to believe in and realize my potential, but instilled the discipline necessary for the achievement of dreams.

Contact William Wesley at william@whosmakingmoney.com

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