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BAPRC (Black Adoption Placement and Research Center) sponsors this show.

Through interviews with people involved in all areas of the adoption process, from administrators and legal experts to parents and prospective adoptive parents, Adoptions Today focuses on many different aspects of adoption and the adoption process.

Interviews are conducted by the show's lively and entertaining host, Gloria King, the Executive Director of BAPRC. Learn from specialists on legal and family issues and people who have successfully adopted. You will gain insights on adoption through sharing their expertise and experience

Clarance G.
Kendra J.
Javonna B.
Daquan J.

Children are waiting for a forever home

Gloria King

You can find out more about BAPRC, and contact them, at their website: http://www.baprc.org 

The "Kids' Corner" segment of the show features children who are waiting for adoption. The interesting and often heart-wrenching story of each featured child is told. Their histories and background information bring the viewer close to these adorable children.

Since the show "Adoptions Today" began, it has helped to bring many children and families the happiness of parental love.

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