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Featured Artist:
Ruby Dee
My One Good Nerve by Ruby Dee
"My One Good Nerve draws me back into my sweetest past . . . a work of memory and art." --Maya Angelou.

My One Good Nerve is a solo play based on the book by the same name, an exuberant collection of writings in the down-home tradition by that incomparable icon of the human spirit, Ruby Dee.

"Ruby Dee is one of those rare performers who could read the telephone book and make it interesting," says the Winston-Salem Journal. The force of Ruby Dee’s personality resonates in this one-woman tour de force, an enactment of her best-selling collection of poetry and anecdotes.

Married for 50 years to fellow actor Ossie Davis, Dee has led an astonishingly full life. But she has never forgotten where she comes from as an African American woman. Fans who have admired and drawn strength over the years from Dee's outspoken human rights advocacy and unforgettable characters are rewarded here with many glimpses into her memories and convictions. This book is an inspiration and a blessing.

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